–> All-new creation by Scrap Arts Music.
Debuted in limited markets in 2018; touring 2019 & beyond.

Set in a retro-futuristic city, a loner DIY-er makes sculptural  percussion instruments salvaged from urban debris. Inspired by four mysterious sprite-like beings (2 men + 2 women), he embarks upon a whimsical musical trek for identity, reinvention and a sense of wonder in a world forever changed…

CHILDREN OF METROPOLIS is a fast-paced, all-acoustic percussion show, with sci-fi-inspired film and video projections. The quintet performs with gymnastic agility and percussive drive, demonstrating incredible musical skill while striking, moving and bowing hand-made, mobile sculptural instruments made from recycled and salvaged materials.

Warning: Concert attendees may be inspired to take up drumming and/or welding!

CHILDREN OF METROPOLIS is the latest production by Gregory Kozak and Justine Murdy, the co-founders, artistic directors and designers of Canada’s Scrap Arts Music.

Scrap Arts Music is an experimental pop percussion company with universal appeal that excites the senses with intricate rhythms, high energy, athletic choreography, and the most beautifully inventive instruments on stage today… since 2001.


“★★★★★. High kicking, virtuosic and adrenaline-packed. Who knew that scrap yards and dumps were treasure troves for the makings of new and marvelous musical instruments?” ~ Winnipeg Free Press


“Fantastic visual and aural display of percussive precision full of energetic gymnastics and vibrant vitality. Original music expertly played and choreographed into a remarkable show.” ~ Belfast Telegraph

Transcending language, culture and age, Scrap Arts Music offers a highly physical and thoroughly entertaining experimental pop percussion experience. ‘Discovered’ while busking in Vancouver, then quickly invited to perform at an NBA half-time show, it was just a matter of months before Scrap Arts Music was a featured performer and nominee for “Best Live Performance” at the West Coast Music Awards.  In 2010 an unbelievable dream came true when Scrap Arts Music was invited to perform in both the Victory Ceremonies and the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Having toured 16 countries with its debut project, Scrap Arts Music is thrilled to be debuting Children of Metropolis in new markets in 2019.


If you like Stomp, Blue Man Group, & Cirque du Soleil, you will love Scrap Arts Music.