Letters of Recommendation from Presenters

• WINNIPEG SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: A letter of recommendation from Scrap Arts Music's collaboration with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra during the 2009 WSO New Music Festival. 107 KB
• CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF PHILADELPHIA: A letter of recommendation dating to Scrap Arts Music's collaboration with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. 18.7 KB
• UA - TUCSON: A letter of recommendation based on an innovative collaboration between Scrap Arts Music and Gary Cook, Professor of Music at UA Tucson in 2007. 39 KB
• UMASS - LOWELL: A letter from Christine Brown of UMASS - Lowell, outlining the variety of outreach provided to the university by Scrap Arts Music. 36.9 KB
• CACHE VALLEY CENTER FOR THE ARTS: A letter outlining the effectiveness of outreach provided by Scrap Arts Music to Cache Valley Center for the Arts, and strategies implemented by CVCA for reaching students and general public. 25.1 KB
• UC - DAVIS, MONDAVI CENTER: A letter of recommendation for Scrap Arts Music, emphasizing the suitability of the ensemble for family audience, from the Director of UC Davis's Mondavi Center. 210 KB