Neil Johnston’s Festival Notebook: Scrap Arts Music 

by Leonard Pugh 

In spite of its name this Canadian-based ensemble emphasises Art and Music. This is one fantastic visual and aural display of percussive precision full of energetic gymnastics and vibrant vitality. 

Under artistic director and co-founder Gregory Kozak, they have “developed the sonic and visual potential of unexpected materials”. 

What at first sight appears to be a jet engine is revealed to be at least four drums. 

A marimba, various metalophones, the magical sounds of large aluminium springs, glass suckers and thunder sheets, PVC pipes and nail violin are but a few of the 25 or more different effects. What is done with what they have is both ear and eye boggling. The impact of the group is the kaleidoscope of sounds and rhythms they produce. 

This is no show for those of a nervous disposition; in fact some of the really loud moments almost need a health warning. But putting such thoughts to one side here we have a programme of original music expertly played and choreographed into a remarkable show.