1. Conundrum

From the recording Live from Vancouver

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Composer: Gregory Kozak (SOCAN)
This complex drumming number begins with Gregory on his one-of- a-kind, home made contraption (aka “traps set”); soon after, players with mobile drums of varying design join the action. Instruments include: Mini-Zig Traps set – invented drum kit created from scrap and spun metals; Ziggurat drums – our signature drum with a large drum-head and stepped spun aluminum drum shell which spin in the stand and produce different pitches depending on where it’s struck; Hourglass drums – made of spun aluminum and stainless, pivots at the middle, has two drum-heads and creates the second highest pitches of the drums; Humunga drums – barrel shaped, made of spun aluminum, and the lowest pitched, most bass of the mobile drums; B-52 drums – a single-headed drum made from steel oil cans manufactured in 1952 which we cleaned up, put on scrap stainless steel stands, and mounted with used Kevlar drum-heads; Junk-on-a-Stick – “cymbal trees” made with threaded rod and what- ever sound makers Gregory could find!