PBS prepared this feature on Scrap Arts Music and the work we do with school children.

Our matinee show is a highly-interactive educational production that ties into the STE(A)M curriculum and is a frequent add-on to the presentation of Children of Metropolis.

Scrap Arts Music strives to open young minds to the art of the possible, encouraging creative thinking and opportunities for discussion and enrichment.

By turning scrap into art, and arts into music, our matinee show is about transformation and creativiy. It introduces students to the athleticism, humor and inventive musicality found in works by Scrap Arts Music, as well as green ingenuity, innovation and excellence. Expect a brief introduction to “scrap” instruments used in the presentation and insight into how the music is composed and the choreography is developed. We entertain with powerful percussion and suggest a new attitude toward tossed-away materials. Best of all, the high-voltage participation piece leaves students both energized and inspired.

Six high-energy compositions from the ensemble’s MainStage show are presented as well as curriculum-based insights into the artistry of our work, audience participation and optional Q&A. Suitable for all ages and grade levels. The discussion in between the compositions can be tailored more precisely to elementary, middle, or high school audiences, when audiences are so focused.

To help connect this production to your classroom curriculum, we have developed a Learning Guide for Teachers with related teaching activities for students.