Evening Post (UK) 

Evening Post (UK) 

ScrapArtsMusic – Phonk! 


SWANSEA — If music is the international language, this show spoke volumes. 

I went along to this one fully expecting one of those “Stomp”-style productions in which a bunch of blokes jump up and down for a couple of hours bashing dustbin lids with hammers. I could not have been more wrong. 

This was glorious stuff, by far one of the best shows to have graced the stage of the Grand for a while. 

Canadian-based ScrapArtsMusic is a company which creates music from recycled materials, ranging from artillery shells and planks of wood right through to rubber tubes and balloons.  The result? Pure magic. 

The sheer physical energy of the  company is extraordinary, and the power with which they go through their paces is enough to leave one feeling utterly exhausted – but there is enough humour, wit and genuine subtlety to satisfy the most jaded musical palette. 

The visual aspect, too, is brilliant: the musical instruments seen here – created by company co-founder Gregory Kozak – are almost organic and have an alien look about them, while the lighting design contributes greatly to the dynamism of the production. 

This one played for one night only, but if the reaction of the crowd was anything to go by one hopes that this will be the first of many visits to Swansea by this accomplished and hugely engaging company.