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Scrap Arts Music  

noun. /skrap-artz-myoo'zik/

1. An internationally renowned, athletic next-generation percussion ensemble.

2. An earth-friendly, Vancouver Island-based company that creates unforgettable performances using mobile instruments artfully crafted from industrial scraps.

3. Five extraordinary, virtuosic and innovative drummers.

4. The group that transforms “scrap” into “art,” and “arts” into “music”.


Children of Metropolis

Debuted 2018, touring 2019 & beyond

Children of Metropolis is a fast-paced, all-acoustic percussion show with sci-fi-inspired film and video projections. Five musicians perform with gymnastic agility and percussive drive, demonstrating mesmerizing musical skill while striking, moving and bowing beautiful-sounding, hand-made, mobile sculptural instruments.

Set in an other-worldly, retro-futuristic land, Children of Metropolis is inspired by the ending of Fritz Lang’s iconic 1927 cult classic film “Metropolis”.

Children of Metropolis builds upon Scrap Arts Music’s distinctive art form that involves percussionists performing all-original music on instruments crafted from unusual recycled and salvaged materials created by composer and percussionist Gregory Kozak. High-energy choreography and a smattering of humour give the production broad international reach and all age appeal.

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Really impressive! So much musicality, innovation, beautiful sounds… you certainly are one of the best percussion groups in the world. I really mean that!”

— Erk Willemsen, Publisher of SlagwerkKrant, Keijser 18 Mediaproducties; Producer of Big Bang Festival, Amsterdam, NL

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Photo Credit: JASON KING

Photo Credit: JASON KING



Photo Credit: HEIDI GUEST

Photo Credit: HEIDI GUEST

I have never experienced such a diversity of offerings with world-class artists who are all so incredibly passionate.”

— Gary Cook, Music Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona-Tucson; President, Percussive Arts Society

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Scrap Arts Music are extremely gifted performers, appealing to audiences of all kinds and I highly recommend them. They attracted one of our largest audiences of the season.”

— Marc Mostovo, Founder and Music Director Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

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