Outreach & Collaboration

In addition to the Mainstage production, Scrap Arts Music artistic director Gregory Kozak leads outreach activities that include master classes, workshops and educational matinees.   

Scrap Arts Music loves to collaborate with orchestras, dance companies and other performing arts practitioners, as well. Pitch us your ideas.  

Concurrent with Scrap Arts Music performances around the world, Gregory Kozak also leads masterclasses in “Found Sound”, “Rhythm & Movement”,“Instrument Design” and “Teacher Workshops” which vary in length from one hour to two weeks in duration.   

Whether at the prestigious Festival Melbourne - International Youth Masterclass in Percussion (Australia), Tromp International Music Competition & Festival (Netherlands), Percussive Arts Society (USA), UA–Tucson’s Music Department, Teacher Workshops or hundreds of community activities for school students, children at risk, university music majors, community drum groups, etc., Scrap Arts Music has engaging and educational outreach options.   

Customizable to age, ability and time.  

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Making Connections with Diverse Groups

Master Classes


Whether Australia's top-level university percussion students or engineering students at UA-Tucson, Gregory Kozak delivers fascinating  content.

Educational Matinées


Scrap Arts Music strives to open young minds to the art of the possible, encouraging creative thinking and opportunities for discussion and enrichment.

Signature Workshops

Up to 30 participants

Attendees are given an up close and personal, hands-on, experience of what it takes to create instruments and music from scrap.

PBS Short Feature on Scrap Arts Music

Collaboration with other artists

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