Want to Support Scrap Arts Music?

As you probably know, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of all our tours and educational outreach activities for the foreseeable future. Sadly this happened just as we were about to launch a major revision to our “Children of Metropolis” production.

Our hopes are that a safe vaccine will be manufactured, people can return to a renewed life, and that live performances can resume around the world soon.


In March 2020 as we were preparing for eastern US and Canadian tours, we abruptly had to change gears due to the spread of CoVid19 which had resulted in the closures of venues and the US-Canada border.

We had to cancel plane tickets, AirBNB and hotel reservations, U-Haul truck rentals, and so on. We couldn't recoup the cost of purchasing an expensive visa to perform in the USA (the closure of the border made that useless), and the expense of the carnet (like a passport for our equipment) was also rendered an unnecessary, non-refundable cost.

Most devastating was that 'investments' we made in the revisions to the new production -- that would have been paid down by 2020 tour receipts -- have not been repaid and continue to incur interest.

In the meantime, our instruments and equipment are being stored in our leased studio warehouse. Our band mates are scrambling to find alternative means of support, and Gregory and Justine now operate from their home.

Greg’s daily practice includes several hours on the piano, several hours on the drums, and time composing long-hand as well as on computer.

Justine is using the off-tour time to work on strengthening our social media presence, branding, making apps (!), and expanding our email list (please sign up or share our posts to expand our circle!).

Thankfully as individuals Gregory and Justine are receiving some short-term personal support from the Canadian government, but Scrap Arts Music’s business expenses and debts continue to mount with no clear sign of relief on the horizon.

We may be here until the end of the 2021/22 season - which would be financially devastating.

Support from fans like you has become a critical form of revenue. Without you, there is no Scrap Arts Music.

If you are able to support our enterprise in any way during this extraordinary time, it would mean the world to us. This can mean financially, or through sharing our posts on social media, or by sharing your talents with us (hello graphic designers, video editors, social media mavens, pastry chefs, you name it!).

Every little thing makes a difference. Please consider a one-time donation by clicking on the yellow "Donate" button. 100% of your support comes directly to us. Any amount you feel compelled to offer is sincerely appreciated (and we will happily give a shout out to you on social media).

And if you win the lottery, or prefer to support us monthly, you can always come back and offer more at a later date! ;-)

With the help of our friends, fans and supporters we believe we can continue to make art that you will enjoy.

Thanks again for your support. It really makes a difference to know you care.