Scrap Arts Music seeks EXCEPTIONALLY-talented UNICORNS, Err, drummerS!

**If you know of a prime candidate please share in your networks**

Rehearsals in Victoria BC Canada

Please let us know if you plan to submit an application. Interested candidates expected to send a video link and bio.

Essential Requirements: 

  • Canadian or Permanent Resident
  • Able to tour internationally (i.e. USA, Netherlands, etc.)
  • Live music performance experience 
  • Good physical and aerobic fitness  
  • Actively athletic with no debilitating injuries 
  • Excellent references 
  • Team player 
  • Drumline, dance and/or world music experience an asset
  • Percussion ensemble experience is helpful but not essential
  • Proof of CoVid19 vaccinations


Please take the time to put this together for us and note it doesn’t have to be a “pro” video recording but it should be lit well enough that we can see what you look and sound like. We recommend a side angle view.

A clear camera shot of your feet and your hands as you play specifically any odd meters —  3s, 5s, and 7s against a 4/4 or 2/4 backbeat for example. We want to see polyrhythms between your feet and hands.

We need to see your dexterity going between snare and toms at the fastest you can play, and most importantly the slowest you can play, and how good your tempos feel.  

Groove, chops and dynamics are essentially what we are looking for in an ensemble player.

Please also show us your favourite pockets and the exercises you feel are your strongest. 

To sum up:

  • show us your hands and feet while playing drum set (up close and well-lit please) 
  • indicators of experience with odd meters and metric modulations 

Don't hesitate to show us any other special skills or abilities you possess - whether musical or not. 😊

PLEASE NOTE -  (a) women; (b) members of visible minorities; (c) Indigenous peoples; and (d) lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender/transsexual (LGBT) peoples and (e) especially unicorns, are welcomed and encouraged to apply!

Bio to include:  

  • outline of your musical studies (private +/or institutional)  
  • performance experience   
  • current photos - head and body shots (don’t need to be professional but should be clear)  
  • description of athletic background 
  • multi-instrument capabilities, if any   

References with contact info (telephone + email)  

Click HERE to connect with us by email and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.