About Us

Scrap Arts Music 

noun. /skrap-artz-myoo'zik/ 

1. An internationally renowned, athletic next-generation percussion ensemble. 

2. An earth-friendly, Vancouver Island-based company that creates unforgettable performances using mobile instruments artfully crafted from industrial scraps. 

3. Five extraordinary, virtuosic and innovative drummers. 

4. The group that transforms “scrap” into “art,” and “arts” into “music”.

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Career Highlights 

  • Gregory Kozak & Justine Murdy found Scrap Arts Music,1998. 
  • Created “SAM2” an educational production for BC touring - over 1,000 presentations, 1999-present; 
  • Recorded Phon enhanced CD, 2001. 
  • International debut of Phonk (later called, SCRAP•ARTS•MUSIC), Philadelphia Fringe Festival, 2001. 
  • Nominated Best Live Performance, West Coast Music Awards, 2002. 
  • Hundreds of performances in 16 countries in Europe, North & Central America, Asia, & Australia, 2001-2017. 
  • WORLD PREMIERE of Composition for Sighchordions and Strings by Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, 2004 
  • WORLD PREMIERE of Concerto for Chariot of Choir and Strings by Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 2009. 
  • Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics performed before 70,000 live and televised to millions. 
  • Live recording of SCRAP•ARTS•MUSIC for DVD at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Theatre (Barbershop Films), 2010. 
  • Gregory Kozak awarded Grant for Professional Musicians, Canada Council for the Arts, 2016. 
  • Gregory builds over 75 new instruments for Children of Metropolis, 2016-2017. 
  • Scrap Arts Music awarded “Concept to Realization” grant, Canada Council for the Arts, 2017. 
  • Justine Murdy awarded Grant for The Art of Video Projection Banff Centre Workshop, Canada Council for the Arts, 2017. 
  • WORLD PREMIERE and seven city tour of Children of Metropolis, 2018. 
  • Scrap Arts Music awarded Amplify BC grant from Creative BC, 2018

Critics' Reviews

“★★★★★. High kicking, virtuosic and adrenaline-packed. Kozak just may have single-handedly performed a million acts of green. Who knew that scrap yards and dumps were treasure troves for the makings of new and marvellous musical instruments?” 

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“Energy in spades!” 

Read Full Anchorage USA Review 

“Humour, wit and genuine subtlety. The result? Pure Magic… An accomplished and hugely engaging company.” 

Read Full Swansea UK Review 

“This quintet have the total package. Even for the percussively jaded, this group is a knock-out.” 

Read Full Melbourne Australia Review 

“Kozak’s sense of unfolding form is flawless and his ear for the imaginative layering of propulsive rhythms is impeccable.” 

Read Full Philadelphia USA Review 

“Fantastic visual and aural display of percussive precision full of energetic gymnastics and vibrant vitality. Original music expertly played and choreographed into a remarkable show.” 

Read Full Belfast N. Ireland Review 

“Scrap Arts Music mesmerizes! A rhythmic circus.” 

Read Full Iowa City USA Review 

“Emotionally stirring music. Recycling can pay rich musical dividends!” 

Read Full Lawrence USA Review 

“This group is perhaps closer to the American maverick avant-gardist Harry Partch than anything in American popular culture.” 

Read Full Philadelphia USA Review 

Director Bios

Gregory Kozak

Founder + Creator

Gregory composes music for quintet & orchestra, creates innovative instruments, and choreographs movement.

He is both an ensemble musician and a concert soloist. He directs a world-class five-member touring ensemble, Scrap Arts Music, that exclusively plays his 145+ invented instruments and his original repertoire at leading international festivals and theatres around the world.

A musician schooled in jazz and world music who draws inspiration from the avant-garde composers of the 20th century, Gregory learned the art of metal fabrication in order to create instruments that could give voice to his unique musical vision.

When not performing, Gregory is exploring compositional ideas on piano and drums, following world events, running around Mt. Tolmie, and helping Justine in the garden.

Click here for more about Gregory Kozak

Justine Murdy

Founder & Creator

As co-artistic director, Justine is involved in project conceptualization, instrument design, and all facets of art direction (costumes, lighting, stage craft). Justine is also involved in stage direction, music critique and future developments.

Justine has always had a love for the natural environment. At university and during work placements, a passion for Environmentally Sensitive Design and Material Culture Studies developed. She became fascinated with vernacular architecture — buildings and environments built by people lacking “formal” training, yet brilliantly employing materials and traditional processes of local know-how, culture and environment.

Justine is an avid organic gardener, tending habitats for the creatures she shares her perch on Mt Tolmie with.


Performer Bios

Chris Blaber


Musician Chris Blaber is a percussionist dedicated to presenting collaborative, interdisciplinary, improvised, and contemporary works. He’s passionate about incorporating multiple elements of performance – including choreography, narration, singing, and acting – into unified, innovative productions. 

Holding both a Bachelors in Fine Arts with distinction in Music Composition from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia) and a diploma in percussion performance from Douglas College (British Columbia), Chris also performs as a freelance percussionist in Vancouver with numerous groups including orchestras, musical theater, rock groups, jazz, and Javanese Gamelan ensemble. He is the a founder of both Ecstatic Waves and Kinetic Percussion.

Chris started playing music in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet marching band at age 12, when he was told, “you look big enough to carry a bass drum!” Since then, he’s moved from ‘just’ a bass drum to playing anything classified as percussion. His favorite traditional instruments include marimba and vibraphone.

Chris studied classical percussion performance with Robert CaldwellMartin Fisk and Dr Daniel Tones; as well as jazz vibraphone and improvisation, computer music improvisation, collaboration and interdisciplinary performance, music composition, and computer music composition with various leaders in these fields.

Athletics are a huge part of Chris’s life. An avid runner, he has competed in triathlons, biathlons (skiing & shooting), and soccer. He bicycles for transportation as much as possible and is currently training for his annual cycling trip, during which he’ll try to average 100 km per day for two weeks or more – while carrying all his gear!


Alex Campbell


Music has always been a big part of Alex’s life, performing and writing in numerous groups since he was a youngster. He’s been playing professionally for the better part of a decade, touring extensively throughout Canada and recording & performing with many esteemed artists. His involvement with the highly-acclaimed band, The County Line, has garnered significant praise and keeps him on his toes, playing 106 shows last year alone! Alex has also been teaching for many years at music schools around Victoria (British Columbia), including West Shore Music Academy and is a member of jazz-pop group, Mildly Wild.

At Toronto’s prestigious Humber College, Alex had the privilege of studying with world class musicians. While there, he immersed himself in jazz, fusion, and myriad styles of world music. He has studied with the likes of Bob McLarenMark KelsoMurray CreedSteve MancusoPat Kilbride, and Ron Thaler, among others, and currently continues his studies with Andreas David (aka Ydna Murd). After Alex’s time at Humber, he returned to his West Coast roots to deepen his love for music even further – and passion for all things percussion.

As a drummer, Alex is known, above all else, for his musicianship and musicality behind the kit. He’s worked in multiple genres and performed at events like Canadian Music WeekRifflandia, Sunfest, Rockin’ River music Fest, Boonstock, Big Time Out, and many others.

Fitness-wise, Alex was a rower in high school and, since then, has been practicing yoga regularly and hitting the gym to row, swim, and do weight training. He points out that his arms get a decent workout, anyway, from drumming around 40 hours per week and doing Scrap Arts Music rehearsals!


Masako Hockey


Born in Saitama, Japan, Masako Hockey has been passionate about percussion for all her life and is thrilled to be part of Scrap Arts Music.

She received her Master’s Degree in Music Performance (Percussion) from the renowned Tokyo University of the Arts (“Tokyo Geidai”) and her undergraduate degree from The Musashino Academia Musicae (Japan). A member of the Tokyo Pipe Band, Masako has competed in the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow (Scotland) and was Japan’s first Scottish rudimental pipe band snare drummer to win a major scholarship award in drumming abroad.

Masako has performed as a marimba soloist with major symphony orchestras around the world, and as a percussionist in theatre groups and several dedicated percussion ensembles, including the Victoria Symphony, The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, The Vancouver Island Symphony, The Victoria Operatic Society, Ballet Victoria, and The Victoria Gilbert and Sullivan Society. An avid contemporary auxiliary Latin percussionist, Masako also plays with The Chris Millington Band.

Masako is a founding member of Canada’s premier children’s musical storytelling quartet, Music Corner, and is featured on their debut album, “Aesop’s Animals”. Teaching is, likewise, a big part of her musical outlook: she’s taught extensively throughout her life, as an active music educator in Victoria; tutoring percussion students at the St. Michaels University School; and providing coaching in musicality and advanced technical studies from her private percussion studio.  

Staying fit has been equally instrumental to Masako’s impressive career: starting with ballet lessons at three years old (!), she now does dance and yoga classes on a regular basis and teaches dance classes for little children. It’s no wonder she has the energy to keep up with Scrap Arts Music!

Kristen Klehr


Originally from upstate New York, Kristen Klehr comes to us by way of Los Angeles.

She was born into a musical home, surrounded by jazz and classical LPs, 1920-1940s folk/popular tunes played on banjo, hammered dulcimer, and other eclectic tunes. This unique blend of musical influences has shaped her approach to musical interpretations and the cultural value within music. She jokes that this is why she’s never been able to settle on playing only in one genre of percussion!

Classically trained at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music (Ohio), she has a broad musical background, including orchestral percussion, marimba, world music, drum set, new music, and vocal training. Kristen has studied primarily with Josh Ryan and Joel Smales, and is proudly endorsed by DREAM Cymbals and Gongs.

Kristen loves diving into the immersive performance experience and challenging traditional concepts on ‘what a concert should be’ with her LA-based company, Produced by BEAR. She holds a master’s degree in Arts Administration from Florida State University and, prior to launching BEAR, Kristen spent seven years as an arts administrative professional helping numerous music festivals and non-profits launch, expand, thrive, and strengthen their own missions.

Within the fitness realm, Kristen is a running coach and specialty fitness instructor exclusively for Equinox, and a brand connector for Respect Your Universe (RYU) – a high-end technical apparel company, based out of Vancouver. Her athletic background also includes modern dance, tennis, basketball, powerlifting, rock climbing, rigorous hiking, and cycling, having most recently completed the AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.